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our work

The CER project works from different axes to contribute to more participatory, inclusive and transparent management of the energy sector and the development of large-scale renewable energy projects. Among its main actions and products are:

1. Social Planning in the Energy Transition in Mexico: Elements for debate.

  • Systematization of the literature review and development of the theoretical framework and analytical position of the CER Project

  • Diagnosis of the regulatory framework, governance and public policies on the matter

2. Maps of Perceptions on the development process of wind and solar photovoltaic energy projects, at the state level. Participatory diagnoses prepared in:

  • Yucatan (40 interviews and 1 focus group, between March and June 2018)

  • Chihuahua (46 interviews, between August and December 2018)

  • Aguascalientes (32 interviews between February and March 2019)

3. Diagnosis of the Social Impact Assessment based on the perception of key actors in the renewable energy sector

  • An analysis prepared based on 28 interviews (in 2018) with decision-makers from the public and private sector, international organizations and civil society, and academia.

4. Guidelines for the Development of Participatory, Inclusive and Transparent Renewable Energy Projects

  • This document serves as a reference text for actors from all sectors to develop an inclusive renewable energy project, in a participatory manner, based on best practices and national and international recommendations.

5. Proposal feedback work and capacity building with community leaders and four communities in Chihuahua, Puebla and Sonora.

6. Public discussion events and workshops:

7. Four editions of the Diploma on Social Impact Assessment and Consultation.

  • 100-hour diploma in which implementers of instruments and policies participate, generating informed debates from various sectors and experiences.

  • Construction of a learning community that transcends the Diploma

8. In-depth consultations and analyzes with experts in regulation, public administration, participation and project impacts.